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Our dream, is to make aviation accessible, easy, and affordable. Anytime, Anywhere, Anything.

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People think aviation is difficult and unachievable to most. That all changes now. Most complaints heard are:
Inability to find local Ground Schools or Flight Schools,
Inability to find hours that fit into a busy schedule,
Inability to afford the training.


The founder of Fly to Win is Denis Menshikov. Denis Menshikov was able to achieve his dreams of becoming a pilot possible without costing him a penny. This was possible due to lots of hard work. Not many people are able to say that they are a Glider Pilot at 16, and Private Pilot at 17. But, that should change.

What Fly to Win offers:


One of the best ways to enjoy aviation, is flying! Don't know how? Book a training session to receive top-notch instruction and learn to fly!

Q & A

This server offers great Q & A! You can ask any question, any time, and the members of this community or instructors can answer them!


Lessons are a great way for self study and improvement. You can review them alone, with friends, or book a session to go over them with an instructor!


Lessons are great, but did you understand anything? Tests are a great way of seeing what you need to improve on. You can do the tests alone, or go through them with an instructor!